Shanghai Xingfeng Color Board Light Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

Why Choose Us
Our factory runs pretty well for the last 12 years. Professional manufacturer and supplier of steel structure, structure maintenance parts, prefab house and mobile house. We are member unit of Shanghai Metal Construction Association. 上海xingfeng colorboard光鋼構造有限設立2003.Weも持ち取引会社上海jiefeng国際貿易有限ltd. our工場実行かなりよく過去10年。専門メーカーとサプライヤーの鋼構造、構造メンテナンス部品、プレハブ住宅とモバイルハウス。私たちはメンバーユニットの上海金属建設協会。
当社の製品主に従事5部品回鋼構造工場/倉庫/ワークショップ;セカンド光スチールヴィラ、オフィス、寮; 3rdプレハブ住宅、モジュールビルディング; 4thコンテナハウス、フラットパック携帯家;カスタマイズ非標準建物。今のところ私たちは確立長期パートナーシップでクライアントからニュージーランド、オーストラリア、ウルグアイ、スペイン、ミャンマー、ネパール、コンゴ、ナイジェリア、コロンビア、インド、新しいcaledoniaと多くの他の人。

    Shanghai Xingfeng Color Board Light Steel Structure Co., Ltd has its own trading company Shanghai Jiefeng International Trade Co., Ltd. Our factory runs pretty well for the last 10 years. And we have got the qualification of second level steel structure project and third level civil engineering project authorized by the National Construction Ministry, passed the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 system.

    We are one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers for steel structure and prefab houses, and we are also one of the council members of Shanghai Steel Structure Association.

    After several technical innovation and improvement we have completed the most advanced production line in steel structure area, as well as some inspection and test equipment. Our output for steel structure and prefab houses building area can reach 8,000,000 square meters annually.

Camila Zhang
Deany Zhao
Tina Wu
Frank Li


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